New Jersey Stump Remvol & Grinding


Our Stump Grinding Story. We started our business like any other company. We were working hourly jobs trying to make ends meet. As our families began to grow, we knew we had to find another way to support them. In 2015, Ed Joyce and Kelly Zurawski, owners of Stump Busters, realized that the only solution to their problem was to start a business. With a newborn in one house and planning a wedding in the other, this brother and sister put their heads together and came up with their new company, Stump Busters! We pride ourselves in customer service and we know what's important to our customers - family. We will always treat you with respect and honesty at all times. 


Environmentally friendly. Stump Busters will go about 6"-12" below ground and leave you with a controlled pile of dirt and small chips. This debris that is left can be used as mulching material. By recyclying the tree, we are saving you mulching costs and removal fees. 

We’re part of the community. We take pride in our community and meet most of our customers through referrals of past costumers. We were born and raised in Delaware County, Pennsylvania and we spend most of our spare time out in the community with our families getting to know future customers. 

The team that cares. Not only are we a family owned business, but we are family run as well. We employ our own family members so we know that they care about our business and our customers as much as we do. Our operators will treat you with respect at all times and are happy to satisfy your needs on every job.

Free Quotes. We know that when a customer wants a job done, they want it done fast. We pride ourselves in the fact that we can often make it to your house within days of your phone call. Simply text us a picture of your stump with the diameter and your location and we will send you a quote almost instantaneously. We are happy to schedule a time via text or you can call us to schedule an appointment. By quoting via text, email, and/or phone, we are able to keep your costs low by saving travel fees to come out and quote your stump in person.