Check out this job we did in Wayne, PA in April 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. The stump was not only on a hill, but the roots spidered out. When a tree has roots like this, just send us a picture of the entire stump and measure the longest roots so we can get you an accurate quote prior to arriving on scene! 


Springfield, Delaware County, PA job completed in May 2019. We cut this closer to the ground with a chainsaw and grinded down the remaining stump. If you have a stump that is taller, like this one, we can give you two prices: One to cut down and grind and a second if you cut down yourself and we just grind. This gives our customers the opportunity to save money where they can, but also an opportunity to have the work done for them if they are unable to cut themselves or would just rather not deal with the hassle.

West Chester, Chester County, PA job completed in April 2018. This was a small stump, but it was located inside of a sidewalk. We were able to grind it for the property management company. We often work for landlords and property management companies who own or manage several properties. If you own several properties and need multiples jobs completed, ask us about our multi stump discount we offer. 

Claymont, Delaware job in April 2018. Customer needed a large stump to be grinded inside of a fenced area. As long as we have a gate with a 36in+ opening we can grind any stump. 

Clifton Heights, Delaware County, PA job in Marcy 2018. A line of three trees fell from the storm and landed on a car. Trees were removed and we were called in to grind the stumps. 

Wayne, PA Stump Grinding Job in March 2018 after a tree was uprooted from a noreaster. Customer called us and we came out the same day to grind the stump. 

Chadds Ford, PA Stump Grinding in January 2018 - Tree was not cut down to the ground, but Stump Busters was able to chain saw the the remaining tree and grind the remaining stump.

Wilmington, Delaware Stump Grinding job in May 2017. This tree was uprooted from a storm and customer wanted it completely removed. 

Newark, Delaware Stump Grinding job in March 2017. Customer asked for a soil and seed fill. Stump was grinded down about 6 inches below grade, chips were removed, and area was filled with soil and seed. This service is always available for an extra fee.