Stump Busters Pennsylvania
We are proud to offer our customers will several different options for discounts. If you qualify for any of the below discounts, mention it to us before we send you our quoted rate and we will offer you the best price! 

If you own a tree service company, but don't offer stump grinding, call us. We will negotiate a discount for you on every job so you can offer your customers this service through us. 


If you have multiple stumps to be grinded, we will give you a great rate for each additional stump at a discounted rate. These rates will vary depending on diameter of each stump. This discount is always already accounted for in every quote we give that contains multiple stumps, no need to ask! 


If you know multiple people who need their stumps removed, refer us and we will give you both a discounted rate! 


In addition, if you refer us after your service has been completed, you will receive a discount off your next service. 


Many landscaping companies are often asked if they do stump grinding and most have to go out and rent a grinder for an expensive rate or have to tell customers that they can't help them out. Next time, call us! We will negotiate a discounted rate for you so you can offer your customers this service through us! 


When requesting a quote, ask about our cash discount. Request must be made prior to getting original quote or you may not qualify for discount. 


If you find a price that beats ours, send us our competitors written quote with a copy of their certificate of insurance and we will beat it!

** Must be from a licensed and insured stump grinding company (fair market value).  We do not beat rates of tree companies as their price also includes price of tree removal

*Most of these discounts cannot be combined. Please inquire within for more information.